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high quality electric stacker.

STACKER or high-lift storage transportation. And to work in various industrial plants. High lifters are very important to.

Reduce work. And save time to work well. The choice is important. High lift trucks are available to choose from. The system system.

Both electricity and electricity. All have restrictions. The pallet size of the area. And move.


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How to choose a high lift STACKER

1. Forklift Manual Stacker is a high lift used by people to pick up and down, as well as moving to various areas. Stacker Applicable only to open pallets.

2. Forklift Semi Electric Stacker is a semi-electric system and semi-automatic system. In general, the use. The up and down of the sesame. To use the control system. Fast Save time The car is still in the system to work with the lifting. Open pallets

3. Electric Forklift Full Electric Stacker is an electric forklift with both control and drive system. Freight control It has high quality in the core. The operation of the electric forklift. Easy control Quick and easy to make. Popular in use. Many industrial factories